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About Darron

DARRON T. SMITH, Ph.D., PA-C, holds the doctoral degree from the University of Utah in the Department Education, Culture & Society. His research focus includes Blacks in the LDS Church, inequalities that pertain to African Americans and other Americans of color—mainly the impact of discrimination on healthcare practitioners, social determinants of health, and White parents adopting Black children. Dr. Smith’s publications comprise several articles including “These House-Negroes Still Think We’re Cursed: struggling against racism in the classroom” in Cultural Studies 19(4), (2005); and “White on Black: Can White Parents Teach Black Adoptive Children How to Understand and Cope with Racism?” in Journal of Black Studies 42(8), (2011). He is co-editor of Black and Mormon, (University of Illinois Press, 2004). His book, white parents, black children: Experiencing Transracial Adoption, (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2011) was released in November of 2011.